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Save Parrots. Save People. Save the Planet.

2024 Parrot Crisis Summit

Oct 4, 11am-2pm EDT & Oct 5, 2-5pm EDT.
Free & Virtual.

Parrots aren't meant to be pets. Wild parrot populations are endangered around the world. Let's stop the global parrot trade. Now.

Join the International Alliance for the Protection of Parrots for a free, virtual summit that will connect parrot conservationists, veterinarians, rescue organizations, animal rights and welfare advocates, students and parrot enthusiasts from across the globe to advance the goal of stopping the international parrot trade.


We aim to curb demand for parrots as pets by highlighting the many harms wrought on animals, people, and ecosystems by both the illegal and legal parrot trade. We will also discuss pathways forward for our community to navigate this crisis, with a focus on how to change the perception of parrots living with humans as well as the pet trade.


This event will include presentations and panel discussions, but will provide a platform for connection and dialogue. The IAPP intends for this event to serve as a springboard for a strengthened network of organizations and individuals concerned with stopping the trapping, trafficking, sale, and purchase of parrots.

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