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About Us

Who We Are:

The International Alliance for the Protection of Parrots (IAPP) represents an international group of avian rescues, sanctuaries, conservation organizations, veterinarians, parrot guardians and activists who believe the time has come to address the existential crises facing both wild and captive parrots around the world.

What We Seek:

  • To Inform the public about the harmful repercussions of the exploitative international wildlife trade in parrots

  • Reduce the demand for parrots as pets, undermine the international commercial market and eliminate incentives for extracting parrots from the wild

  • Inspire all those who care about or desire a parrot to adopt one rather than shop, and to support their local parrot rescue organizations and sanctuaries

  • Support in-situ parrot conservation and protection efforts


By achieving these goals, we hope to reduce the number of parrots extracted from their nests in the wild and the number that are born into captivity.


Why We Care:


We have borne witness to immense suffering of parrots – both wild and captive – for decades. Despite being ill-suited for life in human homes, millions are bred and sold into captivity as “pets” every year. Millions more are also trapped and/or trafficked by marginalized people in search of economic opportunity.


These concurrent cycles have been devastating to parrots of all species. Wild parrot populations are being pushed to extinction and poached chicks face injury, stress, trauma, and death in transit. Captive bred parrots are subjected to lives behind cage bars, social isolation, neglect, multiple "re-homings," and an almost universal risk of poor health and well-being due to the inability of humans to provide environments in which parrots can truly thrive in captivity.  


As long as humans continue to purchase parrots and support the international trade by perpetuating demand, these animals will suffer. More parrots will be bred for lives behind cage bars, illegal poaching and trapping will further threaten already declining populations, and Indigenous cultures and communities will continue to be destroyed. The exploitative and tragic cycle of trapping, selling, suffering, and declining populations will continue.


How We Envision the Future:

We envision a world where humans no longer view parrots as pets, but rather, recognize that the millions of birds already in captivity represent a crisis deserving of action and support. This will require humans to change their behavior in a way that recognizes parrots not as commodities, but as sentient, sovereign beings not suited for captivity. We must protect wild parrots and better support the needs of those already in captivity as we work to alter the public perception of parrots being suitable pets. We invite all organizations and individuals who love parrots to join our growing coalition.

Steering Committee


Protecting wildlife, conserving the ecosystems and biodiversity of Guatemala, guaranteeing the sustainable use of natural resources for future generations.


The mission of the Association for Parrot C.A.R.E is stated within its name: Conservation, Adoptions, Rescue, and Education. Serenity Park Sanctuary is the rescue arm of the Association for Parrot C.A.R.E. providing permanent placement for parrots in need as well as work therapy for disabled veterans.

logo bwrc fb.jpg

Supporting wildlife conservation and animal welfare in Belize through veterinary services, rescue, rehabilitation, research and education in cooperation.


Working toward a world where there are No More Homeless Pets®.

EAST logo BLACK text 6 (1).png

Providing a safe haven and optimal care for parrots through adoption or lifetime care.


A 501c3 non-profit organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes of companion birds through rescue, care and placement.


Providing place, peace and protection for captive parrots;
working from the belief that parrots and all wild animals should be free.


Protecting parrots living in captivity by providing rescue and sanctuary to abused, neglected and unwanted parrots, primarily cockatoos.


Protecting psittacines that are naturally distributed in Mesoamerica,
in the face of the growing and multiple threats they face


Providing life-changing care and environment for special needs avian species in Minnesota.

Rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing abused, neglected and otherwise unwanted parrots and other exotic pet birds.

Oasis_LOGO_BASIC_6X6 (2)_2015June.png

Committed to the compassionate care and welfare of displaced and exploited parrots while providing safe, stable, and nurturing life-long sanctuary, as well as education and advocacy in support of avian conservation. 

Promoting parrot well-being in the Americas by conducting transformative parrot conservation, taking action to end the wildlife trade, and encouraging in people a strong sense of human connection to all life that results in the well-being of all.

IMG_1663 2.JPG

Helping people who want to help wild psittacines when disaster strikes.

socal logo.png

Bridging the gap of care and consideration for Southern California's wild parrot populations, and to act as a resource for wild parrot conservation and education.

World Animal Protection Logo JPEG.jpg

World Animal Protection is a global organization working to end factory farming and wildlife exploitation. We expose cruel systems, promote animal-friendly alternatives, and influence policy change. For over 70 years, we’ve been rewriting the story for animals.

WPC golden cap_0.5x.png

Protecting, preserving, and serving the needs of wild parrots around the globe, through rigorous science-based observation and study.

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