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The Unconditional Solidarity (US!) logo was created in 2021 to complement the novel, "Prion," written by Rev. Dr. LoraKim Joyner. In this book the characters are part of a US/SI movement where they make promises to be in active and concrete solidarity with all of life.


Since then One Earth Conservation has been distributing this logo as patches and stickers to people working in our projects. The International Alliance for the Protection of Parrots has adopted the theme of Unconditional Solidarity and also distributes this logo, free of charge, and applies it to merchandise people can  buy to support this cause.

Image by uriel
Prion Patch 3-15-21.png
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Adoption Guide

If you love parrots or want to help them, don't buy, sell or breed them. If you are interested in becoming a parrot guardian, consider adopting from a local rescue. In doing so, you will save a life, protect wild parrots, and set yourself up for a successful parrot-human relationship. Our colleagues at Best Friends have created a guide for adopting a parrot full of recommendations on diet, cage size, enrichment, veterinary care, and more.


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